I have known Lesley on a professional level for years. Lesley is a warm, compassionate and ethical therapist. Her unique gift is her ability to help people manage the stress and anxiety in their lives. She is committed to providing her clients the best counseling experience. If stress or anxiety are an issue for you, give Lesley a call to see if she can help!

Helen Odessky

I have had the opportunity to work with Lesley during the past year. I have found her to be a very caring and dedicated therapist. She is genuinely concerned about her clients and their well-being. Her success in helping people handle stress, anxiety, depression and trauma is nothing short of amazing. She enables people to heal from the symptoms and emotional distress. Lesley is very professional, I would highly recommend her.

Marcia Sikes

I have known Lesley for most of my career as a therapist and I confidently recommend her for treating anxiety and helping people heal from painful experiences. She consistently goes above and beyond for her clients and holds their best interest at heart. If you are struggling with anxiety, life changes or relationship issues she will do her best to get you back on track and enjoying your life again. I highly recommend reaching out to her!

alicia Kowalski

Lesley is an extremely talented and compassionate therapist who always has her clients' best interest at heart. WNY is lucky to have her and her practice!

Anna Shurmatz